Executive leadership

Passionate about making accessible to the public with the latest technological solutions.



Our board and executive team combine decades of political experience and international business stewardship with the latest in blockchain innovation, security and payment and some of the brightest

Christ Gorges
Christ Gorges
Christ Gorges hails from an entrepreneurial background in the healthcare industry. He has been intimately involved in the medical industry since 2010 on the legislative side as well as business start-ups and consulting.
Dewain J Diacono
Dewain J Diacono
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Owner and President of GLPC Fab with over 40 years of experience in product development, design, manufacturing, and production. Dewain is also a commercial real estate investor.
Julia Schafer Nuñez
Julia Schafer Nuñez,
VP Government Relations
Julia Schafer Nuñez joins the Herb Coin team after a career in the Michigan Legislature and Executive Office.

Due to her extensive government resume, Ms. Nuñez has adapted to the international portfolio now takes the lead on several different fronts for various projects, both domestically and internationally.
Edith J. Killins
Edith J. Killins, Advisory board member
Edith J. Killins, MBA is President & CEO of EJK&Associates, LLC. formerly served as Deputy Director and Director of Wayne County Department of July 2003- 2013 responsible for administration and oversight of nine division.

She had to Oversee an array of programs and $725 Million of health care programs and services she served as Human Resource Director, August 1995 through February 2003, Michigan Department of Community Health Lansing, Michigan, Managed HR functions for a Department with an annual budget of $8.9 Billion.
Mouhanad Hammami
Mouhanad Hammami, MD, MHSA, Advisory board member
Dr. Hammami is president and CEO of Global Health Consultants, a think tank that addresses global health issues and universal collaborative towards improving healthcare and population health.

He completed his postdoctoral research in Pediatrics at the Newborn Center of the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and then accepted a faculty appointment at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan and a research position at the Detroit Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics.
Matteo Trinca
Matteo Trinca
CTO– Chief Technology Officer
Specialized in Web 3.0 digital asset finance, blockchain investments and datacenter operations.

Chairman and CTO of AORNET and TAU-ORIONIS. Active in the fields of data-center, parallel computing, algorithms, scientific research and automated control interfaces for server clusters.
Michel Tutundjian
Michel Tutundjian
COO – Chief Operating Officer
Founder and COO of Opticentre and CEO of Exiqze, both companies serving multinational corporate and fortune 500 clientele.