2Pay Solutions was incorporated to solve banking-related challenges the Businesses currently faces while operating within the United States of America.

About 2Pay Solutions


2Pay Solutions hails a diverse team of some of the brightest experts from around the world – New Zealand, Italy, Bulgaria, Armenia, Jordan, and the United States of America.

Your Compliance Partner

2Pay Solutions is headquartered in Walled Lake, Michigan. Our home base is responsible for overall governance, strategy, marketing, legal, compliance, lobbying, customer service, and directing the various research, development and data centers around the globe.

Your Compliance Partner

Processing millions of dollars of transactions on a daily basis takes computing power, lots of it. Our hardware engineers work around the clock to keep us at the forefront of blockchain innovation. 2Pay Solutions has made significant investments into its own proprietary hardware build out and takes the security of its users and data as paramount.

Your Compliance Partner

Our technical staff are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. U.S. tech giants like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM have been relocating software engineering there for decades. We’ve attracted some of the brightest software engineers, web and application developers the country has to offer.